Hafla Bellydance Event 2021 at Silkroad Cafe, Kinshicho, Tokyo, Japan

hafla 2021

Hafla Bellydance Event 2021 at Silkroad Cafe, Kinshicho, Tokyo, Japan

Entry Reception has already closed.

Thank you for your hard work at Argur Hafra 2020 the other day!
It’s just over, but it’s the next Hafra announcement.

There are also reservations from transfer from postponement, so there are only 3 people left to perform.
I think that Corona is still uncomfortable and it is difficult to see the future,
If you wish, please hold it down before the frame is filled.
Event details
April 24, 2021 (Sat) 11: 00-15: 00 * Saturday, so make no mistake!
Venue: Silkroad Cafe

3-2-8 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 1F
Kinshicho Station North Exit (JR Sobu Main Line, JR Sobu Rapid Line) 5 minutes walk

Appearance: 5000 yen
Viewing: 2500 yen (excluding food and drink)
Free for children

* It will be 3000 yen if less than one week from the date of the event.

It is a complete reservation system.

To everyone who is planning to participate

The participation fee does not include food and drink.
The venue is an environment where you can enjoy ethnic-style lunches, drinks, and alcohol, so please pay with cash on each time you place an order.


11:00 Opening

11:30 Hafra start

14:00 Chat time

15:00 Withdrawal of seats

15:15 Complete withdrawal including changing room

Event overview

[About Hafra]

Belly dancer Usha’s school “Arghul” Hafra.
Many people who are attending other classrooms, such as Al Ghul members, are also appearing.

“Hafra” is an Arabic word that means something like a “home party.”
It is a cozy meeting where you can perform more easily than the so-called “show”.

The performers will also enjoy viewing and chatting with the guests at the bleachers except when they are performing. At the time of the show, I think it’s difficult to talk to all the performers, but this time I’d like to have fun and create an event together, so I’m looking forward to working with you.