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Questions / inquiries

Please feel free to contact us at any time from the inquiry page. Please email us for inquiries so that you can check the contents later.

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Do you have regular lessons?

I’m sorry. Usha does not currently offer regular lessons.

Previously, we held lessons at sports clubs and culture schools and regular lessons at our own studio, but after giving birth in 2016, we stopped regular lessons. Currently, we hold workshops and open classes on an irregular basis.

Although it is the situation in August 2020, the workshop is currently canceled due to the situation of coronavirus.

Private lessons are always available. Let’s decide while consulting the schedule etc. However, please understand that we will proceed with the safety and health of everyone while observing the future social situation.

Is there an instructor training course?

Currently, we do not hold instructor training classes. For those who want to be a dancer or instructor, we will give you advice in private lessons.

If you would like to consult with us, please let us know.

What kind of dancer are you aiming for?

I have various goals as a belly dancer, but my big goal throughout my life is … “Nature”.

When I went to Masai Mara in Kenya a long time ago, I saw wild animals. The animals are just there while blending in naturally, but they are the strongest and most beautiful.

Get rid of the evil spirits of “dancing correctly,” “dancing beautifully,” and “being evaluated.”

“Instinct” or “sign”.

I want to train the power of such things even more.

And I want to cherish the existence of “nothing”.

“Between” or “space”.


I want to be able to control it.

(Photo: Usha)

What is your activity philosophy?

I want to improve society with the power of dance and art.

I’ve been thinking about it for many years, but recently I’ve been thinking that I want to improve society.

Rather, I just want to continue to feel, dance, learn, and convey what seems to be “waste” while loving it.

By encountering belly dance myself, I was able to create something like a “weapon for looking at the world” or “my own perspective.”

It’s a wonderful and irreplaceable treasure for me.

I would like to connect my own original experience of being happy to meet what I like and what I like to the future.

What is dancing?

Way of life.

to live.

Life itself.

How do you feel at the show?

It depends on the time.


Of course the theme of the song

Have a good balance between big and small perspectives so that the entire show and event will be attractive.

Because you may always be thinking.

What are you careful about when taking lessons?

I try not to neglect the words just because they are dancing. I would like to convey abstract things as verbalized as possible.

Each student who comes to a group lesson or workshop has a different sensibility. I try to explain by changing the angle so as not to be too biased toward either abstract or concrete.

I would like to help each person who takes the course to bring out the charm of only one by making the best use of the atmosphere and sensibility of each person.

Where do you hold the workshop?

As of 2019, Tokyo is the center. Other than that, if you have any requests such as “Would you like to do it near my house?”, Please contact us from the inquiry page.

However, as of August 2020, due to the situation of the new coronavirus, all lessons except private lessons and online lessons have been canceled.

Let’s meet when you can dance with confidence ♪

If you have any other questions related to dance, please go to the blog from the menu as they are written in Usha (Usha’s blog).