Private Lessons

Private Lessons

How to use private lessons

Current Usha lesson

Usha does not currently hold regular group lessons.

Group lessons, open classes, workshops, etc. sponsored by Arghul Co., Ltd. are held in Tokyo about 4 to 5 times a year (the number of frames depends on the time).

Since we are moving from place to place, we will probably not have fixed weekly regular lessons in any land in the future. It is undecided as of 2019.

Please be assured that the workshop will be held in Tokyo in the future.

Instead of staying with me for a long time, I would like to devote myself to providing each and every one of you with content that is deeply close to you.

Workshops are scheduled to be held about 5 times in 2019 (Tokyo)

In addition, we are preparing for an online course, so please look forward to it.

Because it is the situation

・ I want to take a lesson but the time is not right

・ I’m worried if I can keep up with the content …

・ I want to practice with my own original menu

I think there are many people who say that.

When you have a lot of trouble …

Private lessons that can be personalized allow for closer communication.

I hope you will take advantage of it.

Private lessons are recommended for these people

・ Those who want to give lessons according to their favorite schedule

・ Those who are not satisfied with workshops and open classes

・ Those who want to do it at their own pace and with their favorite content

・ Those who want to do it wherever they like

・ Those who want to appear in a performance

・ Those who want their own medical record

・ Aspiring instructor / dancer or those who have already started activities

・ Those who want to work slowly because they cannot keep up with workshops and group lessons

・ Some basic techniques cannot be understood by any means
・ I can’t easily ask questions with everyone
・ I’m worried if I can keep up with everyone in group lessons
・ I want to improve the accuracy of the swings I learned in the workshop and improve it as an artistic expression.
・ I want to know the tips to become the only one that makes the most of my individuality while laying a solid foundation.
・ I want to know the reason why it doesn’t look the same even if I watch the video and imitate it.
・ I want to re-know why habits that are difficult to get rid of occur
・ I want to make a choreography, but I don’t know what to do
・ I want to know the tips to make the show look attractive when dancing

・ I want to overcome my weaknesses and cure my habits

There may be more,
Is it like this if you give it roughly?

You can create a relaxing space for one-on-one or friends.

Please feel free to ask us anything you would like to hear.

What Usha is good at

To be honest,

“I want to win a prize in a competition!”

“I want to learn a specific school professionally!”

It may feel unsatisfactory for those who say.

On the contrary, as an instructor, the important point is

The point is to enrich the daily lives and sensibilities of the students through dance.

Why dance in the first place

What does “dancing” mean?
I want to cherish such a place.

It doesn’t fit in the genre of belly dance
The experiences and emotions that each student has accumulated
I want to sublimate it as a form of artistic expression
And I want to connect it to a good future.

This person seems to like this
It looks like this suits this person
I will actively introduce such things.

I want to be a person who can give me choices.

While valuing your individuality, sensibility, body and life
Through dance, I want to help you lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Those who say that I’m okay
Please feel free to come to the lesson (^^)


・ Basically anything is OK

I cannot say that all my wishes will be fulfilled, but I will try to meet my wishes as much as possible.

It doesn’t have to be advanced content.
Half of the people who are currently taking private lessons are those who want to do only basic techniques.

So let’s practice the basics with confidence ^ ^

There are many others
As an exercise to make the choreography more personal before the performance (even if you don’t have a plan).

While making the choreography together, you can practice how to expand the image.

For the basics, I’m thinking of increasing the content that can be confirmed with videos and text information, but I can’t do it without being together, “matching feelings, images, and consciousness,” “confirming three-dimensionally,” and “movement.” It is recommended to do it with a small number of people in the same space, such as “checking what determines the attractiveness other than the accuracy of itself”.


Usage example

As an example

・ Only the foundation is perfect

・ Overcome weak areas

・ Total coordination

・ Usha choreography

・ Make a choreography

・ Points to make choreography more attractive (works by other choreographers are also OK)

Let’s decide while consulting.