Loyalty Program

loyalty program

Lesson discount points

There is a discount point system that can be managed online.


As I said earlier, there are three options from April 2019 onwards.

① You can purchase points worth 45,000 yen for → 43,500 yen.

② You can purchase points worth 90,000 yen for → 84,000 yen.

③ You can purchase points worth 135,000 yen for → 124,200 yen.

From purchase to reflection of points, flow of point digestion

① Apply for point purchase by email

② Payment (You can choose various payment methods such as credit card, split payment, convenience store payment, paypal, etc.)

③ Guidance on how to log in to the dedicated site

④ Please inform us of the point payment by e-mail when you book the lesson.

⑤ Point digestion

It becomes the flow of.

Benefits of using a discount ticket
Advantageous points 1

These points can be used for lessons sponsored by our company (Arghul), private lessons, workshops, etc.

* Please note that points may not be used for events.

It may also be used in projects other than belly dance activities by Usha.

Advantageous points 2

Previously, we distributed paper lesson tickets, but now you can check your point balance on the website that can only be viewed by “Purchase discount tickets” → “Usha and purchasers”. We are here.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about forgetting or losing it.

Private lessons themselves are cheaper

If you use points, the lesson fee of 10,000 yen per hour will be 7,500 yen per hour.

If you trade in cash each time without using points, it will be 10,000 yen / hour + venue fee (in some cases, expenses such as transportation expenses), but the unit price of the lesson price itself will change to 7,500 yen and will be settled with points It costs 7500 yen (1 hour) for hours and times as long as it is done.

Studio price service

Furthermore, in the case of private, the studio fee is free for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours.